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CBD Apartment, Suva City, Fiji Islands
4 Executive units in the heart of Suva on Freehold Land. Close to all amenities and entertainment available in Suva City. Valuable property to own. Cannot miss it.
See More Details Price: FJ$2.2m

Commercial / Industrial Land, Suva, Fiji Islands
This 4.1 Acres Freehold land is sitting on prime location. It is perfect for commercial / industrial related projects due to the easy flow of traffic and a spacious layout.
See More Details Price: FJ$1.5m

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Commercial Building, Lautoka City, Fiji Islands.
Commercial Office/Retail Space. In the Commercial Hot spot in Lautoka City. Same lot as Jacks and Vodafone Lautoka.
See More Details Price: FJ$2m

Industrial lot, 10 Acres, Lautoka, Fiji Islands.
10 Acres Commercial/Industrial on Vomo Street, Lautoka. Very centrally located and the last 10 Acres on High Altitude. For Industrial Purpose or Industrial/Commercial Sub-Division Development
See More Details Price: FJ$1.2m